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    What are some of your guys opinion on it? Good or bad for bodybuilding? Good or bad for just general society?

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    I like Social media for bodybuilding and the fans. Just have thick skin and you all good! I have met a lot of fellow fans in real life at shows thanks to forums and FB!


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      As far as bodybuilding goes I feel that the only way to fight against the 'IG all stars" is for bodybuilders to work on providing real content that is real, helpful and regular. Set up a daily schedule that includes working on all elements. This forum and website is an example of content. Evan needs to have a shop element as well. There is a market for it and he'd add extra income.


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        Depends on your level and if it turns out to be a distraction. I'm a little bit old school and believe that a good homepage that is regular updated beats everything else. There are also so many platforms you can handle at a time. If you are professional or on the verge of establishing a name for yourself in the industry I do believe it is important to spend some effort on the homepage and use that as a base. Moreover, I also think that spending a few bucks on a professional marketing advisor (I hate the word ‘social media expert’), because it is all about how you present yourself. If it looks professional you are more likely to be taken more serious.
        Having Instagram and Twitter, etc., build in to your homepage will be the next step, but your information and interaction should mainly (in my opinion) come from a good homepage.
        For us novices I also believe in the same approach, because regardless of level you are you will take pride in what your do and as a results you want to present it as best you can to the general public. Less is more, so don’t engage in too many platforms at once. For instance, a free WordPress blog can easily be turned in to quite a good homepage for yourself.