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20 years and about 150 pounds later

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  • 20 years and about 150 pounds later

    Okay well here I go, I use to work out two hours a day through my high school years and briefly into my early adulthood, then I stopped. You know all the usual excuses got married, had kids, bla bla bla. Anyways I am working on my diet plan and my workout plan I think I have my workout schedule planned pretty well. The thing I am having issues with is building my diet. I currently am obese at 350 pounds I was planning on basing my intake around 250 pounds with 1.5 grams of protein/carb to weight ratio, and 66% of that in fat. I guess I am having a hard time figuring out a good place to efficiently plan out my menu and get all the info I need to make sure i get my plan figured out. If anyone has a good website to go to for this information or a thread on here that I have yet to find that would be great.